"Our highest priority in Young Life is to love kids in the name of Jesus, no matter who they are or what their story is. The most amazing part about being in Young Life is getting to watch how lives are changed as we all learn how to love and be loved."

Ellie Alberhasky, Area Director



Upcoming Events

SEJH Wyldlife

10/12 5:45-7:15PM  SEJH, LGR  (Homework help, free dinner and club)

10/19 7:45-8:45AM  SEJH, LGR (Free pancakes)


NWJH Wyldlife

9/28 7:03PM  NWJH Bonfire at the Big White House (1246 12th Ave. Coralville)

10/12 8:15AM  Pancake Breakfast at NWJH

10/19 7PM  Ghurtie's


City Young Life

city schedule fall 2016.pdfcity schedule fall 2016.pdf


West Young Life

Weekly Club... Monday's at the Found Farm (4304 Maier Ave SW) beginning 9/19.


Leadership/Young Life College

10/20  6-8pm @ the Thrams'  1810 Ridgeway Dr., Iowa City
10/27  6-8pm @ the Hughes'  1045 Mesquite, Coralville
11/3  6-8pm @ the Barta's  35 Redbud Place, Iowa City

Continues every Thursday evening!


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Thursday, November 17th


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